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NZ Construction News: Tackling the quality crisis

Over the last year there’s been a media storm around the alarming increase in substandard products and shoddy workmanship plaguing the construction industry. Many businesses are said to be taking on too much work, and in the competition to win contracts are operating with low and unsustainable margins, with some opting to use cheap, substandard products and low-cost labour to keep prices down.

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Tradie Magazine: Navigate Tradie Shortage with Collaborative Networking

NZTG is a nationwide membership organisation with over 120 trade businesses on board. They provide their members with cloud-based quote and job management software to optimise their operations, collective buying power through its supplier network and a host of services including business training and education. But it's the power of its collaborative networking that's grabbing the spotlight at the moment.

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NZTG 2016 Conference, Fiji

Who said conferences can't be fun for the whole family? Certainly not us! Our 7th annual NZTG conference in Fiji had it all - beautiful surroundings, sunshine, great friends and inspiring business ideas and products. 136 adults and 92 excited children attended this, our first, offshore conference and what a blast it was! We'd like to thank our members who made the commitment to participate and take the time out away from their businesses at this busy time. A massive thank you to J.A. Russell, HPM Legrand, Schneider Electric, Philips Lighting and all our preferred supply partners for your continued support of this annual event.

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NZ Construction News: Training & Management Skills Power Up The Trades Sector

NZTG's Business Support Manager Jeremy Thornton has his say in the latest issue of NZ Construction News.

As pressure mounts on the trade sector and those in the subcontracting space in particular, with huge demand from contractors to take on jobs in the ongoing construction boom, it has never been more critical for trade business owners to step up to the task and run sustainable, professional businesses.

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Five tips for handling growth : Our article in the Bunnings Trade Issue (March 2016)

All the signs are that if 2015 was a good year for your trade in your region, 2016 could be even better. The trouble is that fast growth, badly managed, can be as much of a killer for a small business as not enough work, says Andrewe Brown, managing director of NZ Trade Group. He talked to Nikki Mandow from Bunnings Trade Issue about how to avoid some of the pitfalls around business growth.

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Radio NZ Interviews Brownie

NZ Trade Group is all about helping good tradespeople become great business people. Brownie recently spoke to Radio NZ about what NZ Trade Group is doing for the trade industry, and what's coming up.

Listen to the interview HERE

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Canterbury Rebuild - The Influencers

Read the latest Canterbury Build magazine (January 2016). Brownie has commentary in the Canterbury Rebuild "The Influencers" section. This publication is a great read and clearly demonstrates the passion and growing activity in the Canterbury region.

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NZ Business interviews Brownie

NZ Business interviews Andrewe Brown (Brownie) - read what he had to say about the success of NZ Trade Group

With more than 20 years experience in the trade industry, NZ Trade Group MD Andrewe Brown knew there was a smarter way to run a successful trade business. So he founded NZTG in 2006 with two other electricians.

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