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Fundraiser : Time 4 Amanda

 Amanda and Craig at our Paihia conference

Amanda and Craig at our Paihia conference

Message from Craign McEwan:

"Hi guys,

I am after a little support for my wife Amanda. Unfortunately the Cancer Amanda had last year has now become terminal and she has been given only months to be with us. There are some additional medications we have been offered but these are not Government funded at this stage. These drugs may add months to Amanda’s life but they are still trial drugs and not full proof. At this stage we are prepared to attempt anything!!! The costs of these drugs range from 15K per month too 100K for a longer trial. Amanda’s sister Nicky has generated a GIVEALITTLE site for Amanda (check it out and pass this site on to as many people as you can) to help with some funding but we are arranging two fundraising nights, one on the 14th of November here in Dunedin and one in Auckland for November/December (date to be advised)

I would appreciate if you could possibly find something that you may be able to donate so we can either auction or raffle off at these fundraisers. I do understand things have been tight in business this year and if you are unable to support I completely understand. I generally do not ask for handouts but this is very close to my heart as you could imagine.

Regards, Craig McEwan, Serviceman Limited"

Craig's words say it all - thanks in anticipation of your generosity.  

NZTG has donated to this GIVEALITTLE cause to help provide Amanda with life saving treatment - can you help too?