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CMS Today: NZ Trade Group Member Spotlight Series: Switch Electrical Auckland

NZ Trade Group members run more professional, profitable and sustainable trade businesses.

In the second installment of NZ Trade Group’s Member Spotlight Series, we catch up with Switch Electrical Auckland, and the company’s work on The French Café – most recently, the audio for the stunning new space at the Café, Our Cellar.

Switch Electrical: full service electrical firm

Our Cellar at The French Cafe, Auckland

Owned and operated by Director Andy Russell, Switch is a fast-growing Auckland-based electrical firm covering the full spectrum of services. One of Switch’s high profile projects has been working collaboratively with a range of tradespeople and specialists on the incredibly stylish facelift of the iconic, awarded restaurant, The French Café. Switch continues to work closely with the owners and staff to ensure everything runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

Tell us about being the ‘go-to’ electrician for the owners of The French Café:

“We’ve been working with The French Café for several years now, and prioritise them as one of our favoured accounts. We provide the restaurant with regular maintenance including call out visits to help fix any electrical issues that pop up, as well as advising on any electrical improvements.”

What did the revamp of the Café involve from the electrical side of things you were involved with?

“We recently worked with the restaurant’s interior designers to install an audio system into one of their new rooms, and handled the lighting upgrade for the main restaurant and bar area.”

For a project of this size and complexity, working with other electrical firms and other specialists is part and parcel of the job. Can you tell us about that collaborative experience?

“It can be difficult when there are multiple tradespeople from different companies working on the same project, some employed by the landlord, and some by the cafe owners, but we made it work. Working off an electrical plan layout helps communicate to everyone what’s involved in the project.”

In your view, what are the key benefits/advantages of being a NZTG member?

“Using the NZ Trade Group quoting and electrical planning system provides a transparent plan of attack for our work. It also helps by giving us the option to easily identify the requirements for each project. Our clients have a detailed itemised account of what has been allowed for in the job, which avoids misunderstandings and helps to strengthen our professional relationship with them.

“We enjoy the opportunity of the annual conference to get together with a great network of other electricians. The guidance from NZTG in areas of the business such as Terms of Trade has been really beneficial for our firm.”

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