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Giving back to Fiji

NZTG feels strongly about helping the community in Fiji and we would like to give a little back to the local Fijian community as a way of thanks for letting us enjoy their beautiful country during our 2016 member and supplier conference.  

As you are probably aware much of the population of Fiji doesn't enjoy the same privileges that we sometimes take for granted here in NZ. There are many needy causes in Fiji and organisations that could really use some extra help and we are pleased to announce that we have decided to do a collection of equipment and resources for a local school not far from the Shangri-La Resort.

Nadroumai Primary School (also spelt Nadromai) is situated approximately 8 km from the resort up a winding unsealed road. It is the only boarding school in the Tuva District and most of the pupils are from the interior of Nadroga - Navosa. Transportation is challenging hence the children having to board during the week - it would be too far for them to walk to and from school each day. During my recent visit the school was filled with smiling happy children and a real sense of community spirit.  By the time these children finish their learning at Nadroumai Primary they will know four languages, their Mother's native Fijian tongue (spoken at home pre-schooling), the National Fijian Language (Bauan), its translation to English and Hindi - quite impressive!  Unfortunately like many schools they don't receive much in the way of funding.  

Our combined efforts will  make a real difference to Nadroumai Primary School - children, parents and teachers alike.

Below is a list of items you may want to contribute - one item per person would be wonderful.  I will be looking at the best way of getting supplies to Fiji - either in individual's luggage or in a crate we send over pre-conference. Here are some ideas of how you can contribute to this project:

  • Good quality blankets.
  • Good used jumpers (it gets cold there at night and they have no heating).
  • Used or new clean sports shoes (they have successes in rugby union and netball -  All Black Waisake Naholo is from Nadroumai Village).
  • Stationery.
  • Pre-school supplies for the newly formed kindergarten -(this literally has no equipment at all at present).
  • Sports equipment - balls (deflated) etc.
  • A cash donation could also be put together - they are trying to raise money for a separate basic building for their pre-school which at present doubles as the dining room. 
  • Solar light fittings would be welcomed - however anything would need to easily be securely fitted.

Any other suggestions on ways to help Nadroumai Primary are most welcome, however unfortunately we don't have the room in our tight programme for a full on working bee. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

See more on my recent visit to the school HERE