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Maximise your rental property: Choose durable lighting options for long term value

The latest FPB Today focused on adding value to your rental property - here is NZ Trade Group's input

Updating your rental property’s kitchen can add significant value to the home, and help you to command a higher rental price in the short term.

NZ Trade Group, which represents over 110 electrical firms across New Zealand, says that the key to making good decisions about your rental property’s lighting and fittings is to choose durable, high quality products that are easy to maintain and replace.

When it comes to your lighting choices, keep in mind that it’s not just the fittings that affect the overall look, feel and value of the space. Warm light and cool light options are available, so consider the area, the type of home it is, and the impact you want to achieve.

Many people opt for a cooler, white tone for their kitchen to keep the mood fresh and clean, but will choose a warmer light for the lounge and bedroom areas where the goal is relaxation and comfort.

When choosing your kitchen lighting, think about how the space will be used: for task lighting, under cabinet strip LED lighting is a great choice and is fast becoming the standard for most new kitchens. Strip lighting can also help to retain the overall mood you are trying to set for the space, so talk to your local electrician about what could work best for your rental property.

Everyone knows the frustration of not having enough power plugs in the house. Your tenants are no different, so add value to your rental property by ensuring there are enough well-placed power plugs around the kitchen area.

People will often charge their phones while they are cooking, so think about how a USB wall plug could be a useful feature, as well as multi-plugs for all the usual kitchen appliances like microwaves, coffee machines, blenders, food processors and slow cookers. As a rule of thumb, it is always beneficial to have more plugs than you think you’ll need.

When you are choosing your new light fittings, think about the style of the home and what will suit it best. For some properties, low hanging lights make a space feel relaxed and upscale. In other cases, ceiling lights can make a room seem higher, so the choice is yours as to what will be easy to maintain, replace and add value when you are seeking new tenants.

If you are looking to update your rental home’s kitchen this year, take a look at’s latest article on kitchen design trends, or head over to NZTG's Find a Tradesperson search tool and talk to a local electrical expert today.