NZ Construction News: Collaborative networking the key to navigating the construction boom

NZ Construction News: Collaborative networking the key to navigating the construction boom

With a chronic skills shortage and an abundance of construction work underway, it’s never been harder for the trade sector to manage workloads and retain staff.

However, NZ Trade Group (NZTG) has a solution that is working exceptionally well. With a nationwide membership network of over 120 trade businesses, NZTG is combatting the skills shortage head-on with a practical and collaborative solution for businesses aiming to thrive in the current construction boom.

Andrew Jameson, NZTG’s new general manager, explains the advantages of being a part of the collaborative NZTG network. “Even though there is a boom happening right now, work is not coming through uniformly. On one hand we’ve got member businesses who are struggling to resource the influx in jobs, yet there are others who are faced with project delays, resulting in the possibility of experienced tradies coming off the tools for a period of time,” he says.

“Take, for example, an electrical contracting business facing a three-month delay on a job which keeps 10 tradies on the tools – the business owner is unable to redeploy all of these contractors internally, and typically has to make the call to release them or absorb the cost, knowing that in three to four months he will need the staff again.”

Mr Jameson says NZTG facilitates a platform where contractors can gain from hiring and subcontracting their tradies within the NZTG network until the original job is ready to start again. “Or it could be that a contractor has a deadline to complete a job that they know they’re unable to meet. NZTG sends out a message to other member contractors in the area to see if anyone can spare some labour. The great thing about our network is that our members know and trust each other with their quality of workmanship,” he says.

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