To help you to create better quotes and deliver jobs smoothly and more profitably

Unlike generic software applications, our software platform is purpose-built by tradespeople to help you run your trade business better. 

Features you’ll love: 

  • Powerful quoting functions, from drawing plans to ordering parts, to invoicing.
  • Timesheets for field staff on mobile, with submitted hours auto-included into job costings
  • Real-time tracking of budget breakdown to actual costs, and job tracking by their status
  • Fast customer search and history so you can learn more about your customer base
  • Support for charge-up and quoted work as well as service contracts
  • Real time Integration with the highly popular Xero accounting software
  • Synchronisation of customer and account details
  • Cloud-based, accessible from anywhere, at any time, our platform will soon become your business’s secret weapon. 

What’s best is that our software frees up your time so you can spend it on the things that are important to you, whether that’s home renos, catching up on the latest sports news, spending time with the family – or getting in a spot of fishing. 


About the latest software update

Delivering improved automation, electronic cost tracking and Xero integration within our software platform.

  • Live wholesaler connection
  • Auto-populated customer invoices
  • Mobile timesheets
  • Sales library
  • Xero connection

You can now:

  • Pull purchasing records electronically from J.A. Russell, Stewarts or Radcliffe's directly into our system. Costs are automatically assigned to the relevant job. No re-keying from paper invoices.
  • Leverage the popular Xero accounting software to automatically synchronise contacts (your customers and suppliers), customer invoices, and supplier purchases with the software. It efficiently manages business operations while Xero proves accurate tracking and reporting.
  • Track core business activity from quote to job to customer invoice, along with all job-related purchases and labour costs. Our software platform enables a single view of a job, including electronic time sheet collection from on-tools staff and auto-populating of a customer invoices (sales), plus an easily searchable sales library. Know your costs, monitor your revenues.