NZ trade group is powered by Katipolt

Every job can be profitable with our cloud-based quote and job management software. You get the best products and buying muscle through our supplier network, helping you to sustain and grow your business, faster.

NZTG members are confidently improving their businesses and profitability with the help of our software.



Katipolt Feature List


User customisable. Single secure place to see the important activities, events or reports that a user needs to cares about.


Build quotes with the in-built drawing package using customisable component kitsets. Report on what quotes have been created and their status. Easily switch between product lines and see instantly the cost implications. Integrated highly graphical online quote creation that imports/exports and allows data to automatically flow to customer quote presentation. Easily apply variations and divide quotes into sections of work.

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A complete list of all the company Works (jobs). Quoted Works are easily identifiable. Works stage and progress easily identifiable. Profit and loss snap shot for each Works updates in real time.


Mobile compatible so staff can complete timesheets on site.
Provides easy reporting for payroll.
Labour bookings feed through to Works (jobs).

Scheduling Staff

Powerful tool for management to handle all their labour bookings. Mobile compatible so staff can confirm acceptance of instructions to scheduled jobs. Easy to see if staff have responded and accepted instructions instantly.

Field Staff Compatible

Available in desktop and tablet formats for management and field staff. Powerful scheduling capacity doubles to provide automated work site time sheets and the ability to track staff locations in the field. Ability to change and add variations to quotes and update works while on the job.


Complete product list updates, every 24 hours so up-to-date Wholesaler product information is always available in the system. All products display full product codes and manufacturers information. Up-to-date trade price is displayed along with recommended retail pricing.


A library of kitsets are available to use when quoting. Users can customise their own kitsets. Easily identifiable icons to plot on floor plans. Kitsets show all the list items that make up a component on a job, including materials, labour and site visits. Kitsets have been customisable for lead manufacturers. Full cost of sale displayed in every kitset.


A full sales journal.
Easily identifiable if sale has been paid.
API to Xero.


A full list of purchases.
Easily identifiable if each invoice has been synced to Xero.
Full list of invoice lines per purchase and Works numbers.


Full list of pending orders per supplier.
Status of order displayed.
API’s directly to wholesaler – so orders are placed electronically and can be delivered to the correct address quickly.


Links to Xero to pull through all accounting reports eg. balance sheets, profit and loss etc. List of all the important reports for business analysis. Powerful real-time analysis to show how your business is performing. User permission protected.


A full list of customers and suppliers and all their contact details. Customisable payment terms per contact.
List of history per contact, including sales, works and purchases.


Access by business owners to a growing library
of business trainings that are
specific to business needs.

User roles

Everyone in your firm has access to Katipolt but will only be able to access and control the information that is important to them to perform their job. Seven roles to suit all business sizes.
Protects sensitive information.

Company Settings

A place to store all your important company information and default settings.
Can store staff details and upload function for important documents.

Online Help

Learn how to use the software using live data
and while performing real work.
Features easy to follow step-by-step pop up instructions.

Search Functionality

Powerful search function that is site wide or can be filtered down to a specific area of the software. Use partial or full text searches.