To sustain and grow your business faster

We take great tradespeople and help them to build exceptional businesses.

NZTG provides you with wrap-around support, including everything from plan drawing, to coaching, mentoring and business training, to hands-on sessions with our System Fox software so you can reap the full benefits of our purpose-built business application. 

With targeted business support, including toolkits and resources, a business helpdesk, and ongoing business coaching and a mentoring programme which is being piloted in 2015, we are here to give you a hand with strategic planning and implementation so your business can get ahead, faster. 

Recognising the 24-hour nature of the trade sector, our members can expect a strong focus on education and training moving increasingly to an online model. It’s useful information that will help trade businesses get ahead, faster - delivered when you need it, at a pace you determine, in simple and accessible bite-sized chunks. 

We set high standards for our members to ensure that everyone is positioned for success; whether that’s growing your business from a one-man band to a five person team, or increasing your profits with the same number of people, NZTG is here to help you create a sustainable, resilient and successful business for the future.  

With the help of our trusted Suppliers, we have built a comprehensive online training library so tradespeople have everything at their fingertips to upskill in their trade. Visit the Katipolt Campus.

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