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NZ Trade Group is proud to offer Katipolt exclusively to our national members.

Katipolt is a revolutionary business software platform, built-in-house, that operates as an end-to-end quoting and job management solution that links directly to J. A. Russell Ltd and Xero.

A complete end-to-end business process and job management solution
Full training and support teams to help you and your staff
A dashboard to give you immediate insights into quotes, jobs and costs
Build your quote while doing the electrical layout for your customer
Pre-built custom Kitsets, or build your own to create your own Kitset libraries
Price your Jobs using set Pricing Rules, get it right every time, know your job costs and margins with Job reports
Book Jobs and collect timesheets via the optimised Katipolt app
Run reports to find your unsold costs, then sell them or relocate them to where they should be
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Katipolt has changed the way we do business. There’s no way in the world we’d be where we are today without it.

Katipolt covers everything from creating jobs, timesheets, labour bookings, invoicing, and scheduling.

The key functionality is the in-built quoting and plan layout platform that creates professional quotes to present to your customers, builders, and architects.

Custom made kitsets and product lists at your fingertips as well as connecting directly with the wholesaler for real-time pricing updates, your own unique pricing structures, purchasing and orders, as well as a direct line to Xero for all invoicing and accounting.

If you’re currently using another software solution – stop what you’re doing. Stop paying ongoing monthly fees and book a time with one of our trainers to convert to Katipolt – which is included in your membership fee! No limit on users or hidden costs.

NZTG membership means we probably make 20% more profit in 20% less time!
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