Industry Education
Best in class training and coaching

Industry Education

NZ Trade Group offers a dedicated and industry focused Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework. All members have access to best-in-class training, business coaching and a regional calendar of internal and external sessions that supports to build and manage compliant and sustainable businesses.

NZTG delivers the only customised CPD programme for the electrical industry
We work with only the most credible and relevant learning partners in NZ
A full training calendar of regional events is available to all members to gain points
NZTG offers a cross section of courses for business, technical skills and compliance
We address industry gap areas such as financial literacy, supervisory skills and process
Members who enter into NZTG’s CPD become eligible for National Contract opportunities
Individual coaching programmes, online and classroom programmes are available
NZTG runs regional and a national conference for all members which counts towards CPD
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We’ve loved working with Jeremy from Trade Business Training. NZTG introduced us and he’s helped us understand the numbers, forecasting and business planning. It’s just so valuable.

NZTG is creating a great member culture of learning and professional development.

The NZTG CPD framework supports the delivery of training and records learner progress in these key areas:

  1. Business Compliance
  2. Technical Training
  3. Business Development
  4. Katipolt Competency

Our members complete a series of CPD programmes and events scheduled throughout the course of the year to retain their status as a recognised and supported member.

The CPD Programme allows for our members to participate in regional labour and resource sharing and to be considered for our growing national contract opportunities.

It’s a standard that we believe will raise the bar of the electrical industry and the overall quality and confidence for members and their customers.

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